So Why Should I Be Using Merchant Stronghold?

The top marketers know the incredible power of a high-converting, ‘targeted’ sales funnel. It’s the secret to building a better list with red hot buyers. Still not convinced?…


Easy to Use

Everything is completely setup and ready to go. Start generating leads & commissions immediately.


Build a Buyer List

Instantly get more leads, subscribers, and more buyers.


Refer & Earn Money

If you have friends or relationships with individuals who want to start or grow their business simply refer them to our company for a FREE Business Review.

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With Merchant Stronghold, You Can Quickly & Easily…

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Amazing Features

Exactly What You Get With the Merchant Stronghold

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Ready-to-Go Sales Funnels

Merchant Stronghold marketing system includes instant link creation to your marketing funnels.

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Beginner Friendly

With no set-up required, or special skills needed, complete newbies can be off- and-running immediately.

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Write Reviews

Strategically written to promote any company. You choose the website that links from the pre-written campaigns.

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Write Blogs

This powerful feature allows you to rate your prospects and take notes. View a list of all your buyers with one click.

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Traffic Training

Your back office contains an entire training area, which includes $100’s of dollars of free traffic training.

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Commission Tracking

All of your commissions are tracked with 100% accuracy and can be easily viewed at anytime.

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Commissions paid weekly to 188 countries. Transfer monies to your bank or your Visa Paycard instantly.

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Instant Commissions

Commission paid weekly to your eWallet.

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Additional Marketing Help

You’re given professional banners, swipe copy, and a list of the industry’s top vendors providing quality traffic.

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Refer Others

If You refer to our company that sets up an Merchant account with us. Once the merchant is signed up, Merchant Stronghold will send you an ongoing monthly payment for a portion of the profits we earn, every month.

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Supply Feedbacks

The online resource center will post any relevant company or industry news. It is the agent’s responsibility to periodically review the website for any updates.

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Business In A Box

If you don’t have a company to promote, you can adjust your system to promote itself, creating the perfect business.